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Mammoth Tusks For Sale

Fossil tusks from the Woolly Mammoth are one of the most iconic display fossils.  The Woolly mammoth can be considered the mascot animal of the Earth's final Ice Age.  The lore of Cave Paintings and Early Man hunting parties are embodied in the magnificence and power of a genuine fossil mammoth tusk of Europe's final Ice Age.

We sell only mammoth tusks from Europe, not Alaska or Siberia (Russia), which are both, far more common.  Furthermore, the problem with Alaskan and Siberian tusks on the market today, is that most are fresh discoveries which are not fully dried, nor were they properly stabilized.  If a tusk is not properly dried and stabilized for at least 3-4 years since pulled from the ground, it will split and crack over time.  True European Woolly Mammoth tusks are far more scarce than Alaskan or Siberian tusks, and fetch higher market prices because of their European provenance.

ALL Russian / Siberian Ice Age fossils are illegal to export from their source country and illegal to import into the United States.  Click here for more.  Shipping Siberian fossils across country borders risks seizure of the shipment without reimbursement. 

Our mammoth tusks for sale are from old European collections and have been out of the water for a minimum of 20 years.  They have been dried in an extreme dehumidified environment and stabilized by us in our lab.  Our mammoth tusks are guaranteed not to fall apart or severely split like Alaskan or Siberian tusks may if they were not held and subjected to special drying and treatment.

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