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Bobcat Fossils For Sale

PLEISTOCENE PERIOD: 300,000 - 10,000 years ago

Lynx rufus, otherwise known as the bobcat, gets its name from its short "bobbed" tail, as little as 1" to 2" long.  The creature survived the mass extinction of many animals from the final Ice Age in North America and lives today.  Lynx rufus has been found in numerous Pleistocene localities in North America.  First appearing about 2.5 million years ago, early examples were generally slightly larger in body size than its modern counterparts.  It has been suggested that L. rufus descended from a common ancestor with several other species in North America 6.7 million years ago.

This small and highly intelligent predatory cat is primarily nocturnal and is rarely seen.  It prefers the habitat of swamps and forests and feeds on small land mammals and birds.  While bobcats can live in close proximity to people, they prefer wild prey over domesticated animals.  Their average life expectancy in the wild is 14 years.  A bobcat will make a den out of a hollow log or tree base or almost any opening in the ground.  Normally mating in Spring, they gestate for 50 to 60 days and give birth to an average litter of 2 to 4 kittens which leave their mother in the Fall of the following year.  Lynx rufus in the Southern U.S. produces two litters annually. 

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